Dreamhand Tattoo

Master  Han

Over ten years tattoo experience

Hi, I'm Han! Founder and Owner of Dreamhands Tattoo Studio. I'm doing tattoo as my career over ten years. Because of tattoo, it's made me more passionate for my life.

I moved to New Zealand in 2008 and started my tattooing career from there. Shortly after I started working at Streetwise in Newmarket with a team of professional artist. I'm now live with my lovely family in New Zealand. While in China, I studied Fine Arts at SiChuan Fine Arts Institute for four years and graduated with my Bachelor degree. I always enjoyed painting since a young boy but with education being first priority I had to wait until I started studying. My decision to move to New Zealand was a very last minute choice, as a bit of an adventure to see where things lead to, And it sure worked out! Tattoo 

Now owning my own business I have perfected my style of Freehand Chinese/Japanese tattooing and am sharing my knowledge and wisdom to my talent team - helping them grow to be a successful tattoo artist. Dreamhands has a bright future ahead of itself, having one store in central Auckland we see everyone all from different backgrounds and with multicultural artist based studio we accommodate to everyone and all. And our tattoo artists will build your own story in the tattoo way.

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