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Talented Artists
Founder and Owner of Dreamhands Tattoo Studio. My goal was always to own my own tattoo studio and train young artists to be the best tattooists.
Old School style is one of my favourites, which shows clearly in the line work with strong shading to represent classic tattoos.
My art style would be best described as Fineline illustrative with subtle hints of surrealism. And floral tattoo is also one of my favourite.
If my work interests you feel free to get......
Specialist in Japanese new-traditional, manga tattoos, black/white, and colour tattoos.
Proficient in realism style and European traditional style. I believe that tattoos are an embodiment of the personality of the bearer, while tattooists reflect an inner personality on the skin.
Everyone is an independent individual. At the moment of death, only the skin will accompany us to leave the world. Tattoos should also be unique. We can design your work based on your personal thoughts and body structure and muscle distribution.
My design concept is to integrate patterns into the lines of the body, and use tattoo patterns to emphasize the unique beauty of our bodies.
why choose us
Here at Dreamhands we have a large talented team each with their own unique style to suit you. All of our staff take extra care to ensure you get the most out of your experience, whether it's just a consult or a tattoo.
We do not only ink your tattoo, we will help you to improve your ideas in which create unique tattoo into next level. Our talented artist will make each tattoo design having their own story.
Pro-tattoo making
Each artist has gone through years of training to be where they are today. We ensure that all Dreamhands artist have the correct training, equipment and techniques to leave you with stunning results.
Not only that but all equipment is used once only and pre-sterilized for your safety.
Customization services
There is not one same tattoo at Dreamhands. Each artist will take their time to recreate your ideas into the perfect tattoo that's made to suit your body, whilst adding their own style that they specialise in to make this design extra unique.