Dreamhand Tattoo
Hi, I'm Han! Founder and Owner of Dreamhands Tattoo Studio. My goal was always to own my own tattoo studio and train young artist up to be the best tattooist......
Hi guys, my names Bai but most people call me Chris. I worked with Han years ago and now I'm back with lots to offer. I specialize in Minimalism/Sketchy style Tattoos and......
Hi! Im Nancy and specialize in Fine line, Delicate tattoos. I love working with Feminine pieces and pretty water colour, but I'm always open to Chinese Influenced......
Custom/Flash design available
My goal in tattooing as of now is to be able to translate my realism drawings onto the skin perfectly ......
Fresh new artist - Iriss. I am passionate for Chinese traditional culture. I always combine the blank composition with abstract freehand painting skill together.
16yrs ago tattoo artist. Drawing is the way I can create something particular something we may not see in the real world. Creativity is a magic thing to express your crazy thoughts.
I’m Rebekah. a new apprentice at Dreamhands. I will tattooing in September. Will looking for some volunteers who will support my work. Can’t wait to see you guys.