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Our inspirations and designs are dedicated to your characteristics, as we provide the best quality tattoos meet your expectations. So whatever you have pictured in your mind, we will aim for perfection with a personalised and professional design at the best of our abilities.

Each individual Tattoo Artists at Dreamhands has their own preferred style and can also costume design your ideas to meet your satisfaction.

Dreamhands Tattoo is all about truly finding yourself and experience the world of art, lifestyle and freedom.
why choose us
Here at Dreamhands we have a large talented team each with their own unique style to suit you. All of our staff take extra care to ensure you get the most out of your experience, whether it's just a consult or a tattoo.
We do not only ink your tattoo, we will help you to improve your ideas in which create unique tattoo into next level. Our talented artist will make each tattoo design having their own story.
Pro-tattoo making
Each artist has gone through years of training to be where they are today. We ensure that all Dreamhands artist have the correct training, equipment and techniques to leave you with stunning results.
Not only that but all equipment is used once only and pre-sterilized for your safety.
Customization services
There is not one same tattoo at Dreamhands. Each artist will take their time to recreate your ideas into the perfect tattoo that's made to suit your body, whilst adding their own style that they specialise in to make this design extra unique.
Talented Artists
Hi, I'm Han! Founder and Owner of Dreamhands Tattoo Studio. My goal was always to own my own tattoo studio and train young artist up to be the best tattooist......
Hi! Im Nancy and specialize in Fine line, Delicate tattoos. I love working with Feminine pieces and pretty water colour, but I'm always open to Chinese Influenced......
Hi guys, my names Bai but most people call me Chris. I worked with Han years ago and now I'm back with lots to offer. I specialize in Fineline Sketchy style Tattoos and......
Drawing is the way I can create something particular something we may not see in the real world. Creativity is a magic thing to express your crazy thoughts.
Yo! Carney's here. I am currently studying to specialise in my version of new-school/neo-traditional/japanese traditional. Any ideas, come in and we can have a chat.
Lisha is here. I'm a junior artist. I like tattooing body horror, organic textures in colour, but I’m also open to do just about everything else.
My art style would be best described as Fineline illustrative with subtle hints of surrealism.
If my work interests you feel free to get in contact so we can design something together.

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