Dreamhand Tattoo


Illustration Tattoo Artist

Hey everyone, Zoe here! I was born in China but moved to New Zealand in 2010, I moved here by myself which was hard leaving my family. I moved to NZ because I liked the environment and culture

In 2016, I decided to look into a career in art, not too sure on what I tried my luck and did my tattoo apprenticeship for one year at Dreamhands tattoo studio.

Before becoming a tattoo artist I was a Barista in a small coffee shop in Auckland. I did this for four years, Auckland before I had enough. In China I studied art and spent pretty much all my spare time trying to get as good as possible, trying my hand at as many different art forms as possible, especially if I was bad at them.

I got incredibly lucky with my timing and the fact that Han was willing to give me a shot, and so landed myself the role as his new apprentice. I’ve been in the studio for two years now and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else; never will you meet a group of friendlier, down to earth people then here.

I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for Han and the wonderful team at Dreamhands who continue to help me develop my stye and always provide knowledge and experience to any and everything! A Lot of my work is inspired by the beauty of NZ creating dotwork and fine lined outdoors designs, I also enjoy tattooing floral designs and coloured cartoons