Dreamhand Tattoo


Funky Lineal Tattoo Artist

Hey Jungeun Park here, but I usually get called Zeze. I was born in Korea but moved to New Zealand at 17 by myself to study English and art. A few years later at the age of 22 I did my tattoo apprenticeship for one year at Dreamhands tattoo studio.

In Korea, tattooing is still illegal so I knew i needed to travel to pursue my dream of tattooing. I was lucky enough to be taken under Han’s wing at Dreamhands studio and was shown the ropes. My second tattoo I did was a free handed lineal gap filler sleeve of Anna which soon lead to becoming me new style of Visual Lineal Designs Inspired by my favourite book’s Aesop Fables. I love to inspire my tattooing from Aesop’s fables not only because it’s shows joy, anger, sorrow and pleasure - all sort of human life but also as a young girl my mother would read this to me which I now read to my own daughter Hayley. Although I still thoroughly enjoy tattooing designs from the Aesop Fables, I am starting to develop my style into funky unique Lineal Illustrations with fine lines. I am always creating new fresh designs and love inking tattoo virgins - as I am known as the sweet pea in the studio and take excellent loving care of my clients. Be aware there is no escaping the Zeze hug either!!

I love to create to your ideas adding my twist to create a unique one of a kind tattoo.