Dreamhand Tattoo

What is a Tattoo?

a piece of art inked into your skin that carries part of your personality, you story. Like any art form, tattooing comes in many different styles. Depending on your taste and reasons for getting inked, we recommend you to choose a tattoo style that best fits you before you settle on a particular design. 

Here are our 6 popular tattoo styles at DreamHands for you:

1. Realistic and portraiture

To make the artwork jump to life on the skin is definitely the heart of the realism tattoos. Realistic tattoos are meant to look as convincing as possible, often featuring natural landscapes, animals or portraits. Unlike the old school traditional tattoo, realistic tattoos can be created using colour or in black and grey form with no thick outline.

Recommend Artist: Ben and Han

2. Traditional/New Japanese

The Japanese traditional tattoo artwork often comes in large scale, covering the entire arm, back or whole body in rich colourful detail. There are certain rules that traditional Japanese tattoo artists must follow, such as tattooing depictions of buddha above the waist only and pairing certain animals with certain flowers. 

On the other hand, new Japanese style often refers to the tattoo designs that are inspired by Japanese culture. The colour coordinations are still rich and bold, but designs have been diversified by pop cultures and animations.

Recommend Artist: Han and Chris


3. Geometric and Sketch

The geometric style is becoming more popular nowadays. This style of tattoos often created by intricate patterns and perfect lines as a spiritual form of art found in nature. Geometric tattoos are often done in black ink with simplicity geometric shape, dotted details or light shading. Clean lines and the faultless design are crucial to creating this style. 

On the other hand, sketch tattoo designs look as if they’ve been roughly sketched onto the skin, giving the finished tattoo a rough but beautiful look much like the illustrations on paper. This style can be done in colour or black ink, there’s really no limitations for sketch style, creativity is the key which makes it perfect for customisation. 

Recommend Artist: Chris 

4. Fineline

Fineline tattoo style is one of the newer tattooing style in the industry. It is now used in many other tattooing process to achieve a detail crafted look. Fineline style tattooing gives the artist more opportunities to build details, often featuring floral, animal, portrait. Sometimes the tattoos have watercolour incorporated into the design to achieve the elegant delicate look.

Recommend Artist: Nancy 

5. Brush painting

One of the most aesthetically tattoo styles which is booming in the tattoo industry The tattoo looks more like a painting that the artist created with a brush than a tattoo done with a needle. Brush painting tattoos feature beautiful, smoothly blended black/colours free from the constraints of black outlining that flow on the body. Using the similar technic, brush style tattoos are often created by using black ink for calligraphy or abstract brush painting designs. 

Recommend Artist: Iriss

6. Contemporary Blackwork

The blackwork is crated by combining multiple styles of tattooing into one piece. There’s no limitation on the designs, from illustration to realism or even abstract design. Often the tattoo is created using only black ink or a touch white or grey for highlight. Sometimes the metal band and dark punk cultures are the inspiration of this tattoo style.

Recommend Artist: James