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Why does getting a tattoo cost much?

There is no short answer to this question. But in this article we will help you understand the price of a tattoo, what other factors are included and why the old saying “ You get what you pay for” applies in the Tattoo world. 

Most artist usually charge an hourly rate which can vary depending on who your artist is.  

Generally, the more experienced tattooist will charge more due to years of tattooing, skill and  quality of work. But this isn't the case for everyone, so we suggest doing your research first. You may find an artist just as talented but not as many years of experience, who could be lacking necessary skills. A clever way to see if your artist is really as good as the say, is to ask for healed tattoo photos to compare with the fresh tattoo photo.

It's important to know that tattoo artist are only capable of quoting an exact price once the design, placement and size have been decided. All these factors play apart in the quote, different skill levels are needed for different tattoos. For instance, you should expect to be charged more for a larger or difficulty placed tattoo which will take longer to finish.

A tattoo in a sensitive area such as your hands or elbow usually involves a longer session to carefully insert the ink correctly. You might be paying for your new tattoo and thinking “ Wow, that's a nice stack in their hands” but cut that in half, then take another 10 - 15 % off and that's all your artist is left with, meanwhile you have a stunning new PERMANENT tattoo. The first and biggest cut of your artist pay is to the Studio where rent, management / reception wages, power and taxes goes to.  Then there’s all the indispensable expenses your artist pays for out of their own pocket such as once off  grips, tubs, rubber bands, ink, cups, glad wrap, paper towels, medical soaps and creams….. The list goes on and the price goes up.

Next time your getting a tattoo done, remember to factor these into your total price. And if you think the price is “Too good to be true” then it probably is and I would suggest staying clear. Do your research, and remember the more you pay the better your tattoo will be - sometimes it worth saving a bit more.