Dreamhand Tattoo


Traditional/Blackwork Tattoo Artist

Hi! I am Ricardo, people call me Rios and I’m from  Brazil. I came to NZ in the end of 2015. I started tattooing friend for free at home just for fun with a homemade machine (yes, I was a scratcher). I had no intention to become a tattoo artist. Here I am!

Back in Brazil the same friends I use to tattoo at home, gave me a kit with machine, ink, needles and etc. I started training on their skin and after two years of free tattoo I started charging for them. I rented a room in a coworking space and started my “business”. After a few months organising my visa situation and my portfolio in NZ, I started working for “Ink on Tattoo” and worked there till June 2016, when I met Han and came to work with Dream hands team. Two years later I found Dreamhands and knew it was the place for me. With a loving family vibe how could you not fall in love with the people an the unique rustic environment.

When I first started tattooing in 2012 I was set on fine lines, dotwork and engraving but after a few years developing my own style and learning about the world of tattooing I drifted towards Black Traditional and Blackwork in general, I love textures. Although I prefer Traditional tattoos I still do colours and black and grey realism. I always have fresh new designs up in the studio for you to have a look, I also love to create custom designed pieces to suit your story. That’s enough of me, I can’t wait to hear the story behind your tattoo. So come and meet our team! Looking forward to meeting you all!