Dreamhand Tattoo


Fine Line Tattoo Artist

Hi! I am Nancy and I’m from China. In 2005 I moved to New Zealand by myself to study graphic design. I did this for a few years then started a family. At a young age I always loved drawing and realising that graphic design wasn't for me I looked in to become a tattoo artist as it is a continuing popular trend. 

I found Dreamhands tattoo Studio through a previous partner knows friends of Han - the boss. I started almost straight away as an apprentice which lasted just under two years. I had Han from Dreamhands guidance throughout this whole process as well as other full time artist at the Studio. This time I finally hit the road and knew this was my pathway. I knew it was the place for me. With a loving family vibe how could you not fall in love with the people an the unique rustic environment. I consider myself lucky to be chosen as one of Han’s artists and to be taken under his wings. 

When I first started tattooing in 2016 I was set on water colour but after a year developing my own style and creating popular design for the clients I settled on Fine Lined Floral work as well as Pet Portraits. Although I prefer Dainty tattoos I still occasionally do watercolour tattoos. I always have fresh new designs up in the studio for you to have a look, I also love to create custom designed pieces to suit your story. That’s enough of me, I can’t wait to hear the story behind your tattoo. So come and meet our team! Looking forward to meeting you all!