Dreamhand Tattoo


Chinese painting/Watercolour Artist
Hi I am Iriss. I’m from Shanghai, China. I used to be an architect and now I am a junior artist in Dreamhands tattoo studio.

Tattooing is the way I can let my paintings become a permanent piece of artwork on the body. Since I was a little girl I would study Chinese painting for a very long time. I am passionate for Chinese traditional culture.

Therefore for my work, I always combine the blank composition with abstract freehand painting skill together. And also colour painting is another way to explain the feeling of arts. I am hoping more people can understand about why Chinese painting is so special, which can implicit enhance beauty of tattoo art. Keep innovating and keep the spirit of craftsman.

I'm so grateful to my lovely clients who support my career, Without y'all, I won't able to learn faster and having a tons of fans.

Let me show you and some of my previous pieces.