Dreamhand Tattoo


Neo-traditional Tattoo Artist

Hey everybody, I am a new junior tattoo artist at Dreamhands Tattoo Studio.

I’ve been here since early 2020 and have at the end of 2020 started tattooing on people. I’m very thankful for the opportunity to work here. I’ve managed to learn many things to elevate my art, under the mentorship of Han. I’m also very grateful for the guidance provided by everybody else at the studio. I have tattooed a tons of tattoos for a year. 

 Since I was in my early teen years, I’ve been interested in tattoos, especially the infamous Japanese traditional bodysuits. One day I hope to be able to create masterful pieces that cover my clienteles entire bodies as well.

I am currently studying to specialise in my version of new-school/neo-traditional/japanese traditional. But I am open-minded to new ideas and subject matter, so please come in and we can have a chat.